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What is FAB Star Travel?
FAB Star Travel is an exclusive Travel Booking Engine for FAB Star members, offering the most competitive travel deals in the market, where members can redeem their FAB Star Points to purchase Air Tickets, Holiday Packages and make hotel bookings. Also members, who do not have enough points as yet, can still book tickets using FAB credit/debit card. They will earn FAB Stars on this transaction also. FAB Star Travel has no blackout dates and has over 300 airlines and hotels to choose from.
How do I enroll for FAB Star Travel?
Existing FAB STAR members can simply login to and click on "FAB Star Travel", and with the same username. & password, you can access the FAB STAR Travel site. Those who do not have FAB Stars username and password can register online on the FAB Stars website. Once the registration is complete, new members can click on FAB STAR Travel and start using the travel services.
How does FAB Star Travel online work?
As you browse through the FAB Star Travel page, you will see options based on Flights, Hotels and Packages. Select your preferred destination, date of travel, and other information, and when you click on search for flights, and you will get search results based on your requirement. You can use your FAB Star Points to buy these options or pay partly by FAB Stars and balance by FAB Card. After finalizing the passenger details, click the "Buy Now" button to submit your order. You will then be directed to the Secure Payment gateway for credit card transaction. You will receive an order confirmation by email immediately after placing the request.
Can I make reservations for third parties who are not FAB Star members?
Yes, a registered member can make bookings for non FAB Star members.
Is it safe to use my credit card online?
On the FAB Star Travel page you can pay with VISA and MasterCard FAB Credit/Debit Card We use 3-D Secure Services (i.e., Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code) payment gateway to process your online payment. For millions of people around the world, 3-D Secure is the way to pay - trusted and secure.
Do you charge any transaction charges or convenience fees over and above the Total fare?
The fare that is displayed in the search result is the total fare that is charged. There are no hidden fees or charges that are levied above the published fare.
What if I forgot my user name/password?
If you have already registered with FAB Star Points and do not remember your password, you can have your password sent to you. On, select the forgot Password link in the login tile in the top-right corner. Just type your username and activation code that is sent on your registered mobile number and click on submit. You will be able to set the new password.
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How do I add my FAB Star rewards ID to a trip that I’m about to book?
Members can choose to login to their account in the FAB STAR page, and then click on the FAB STAR Travel page, bringing them logged in. Alternatively, they can go straight to the FAB STAR Travel page, and login there. As long as you are signed in to your FAB Star Travel account prior to making a booking, your FAB Star Rewards ID is already attached to the booking. However, you can view flights, Hotels and packages without logging in, but will be prompted to sign if the booking has to be completed.
How do I check my FAB Star point balance?
Once you login to FAB Star website, you will be able to view summary of your account & as well as available Points.
Why do you need my passport details?
Certain airlines have made it mandatory to feed passport details of a passenger in the reservation. That is why we require the customer to furnish us the passport details at the time of reservation.
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Can I make a booking by cash payments or account transfers?
Bookings can only be made using FAB STAR points or by using FAB credit or debit card, or a combination of FAB Stars+ Credit Card. Other Bank Credit/Debit card will not be accepted.
What is a holiday package?
A holiday package combines flights with hotels and/or sightseeing activities into one price.
Can I request for an amendment in existing holiday package?
Absolutely. We combine the best airfare for your destination along with multiple hotel selections. You can then pick and choose hotels, airlines, and sightseeing activities to come up with the right combination for yourself. You decide what's included in your package.
Can I cancel a Booking?
Reward orders can be cancelled generally after submission of your request, however please note that return policies may vary across Airlines and Hotels, reward-specific terms & conditions may apply.
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